Cleanroom Relocation

Semiconductor Equipment Moving/Microfabrication (Fab) Equipment Rigging

MEI has more than twenty years of experience in moving, crating and installing semiconductor process equipment in clean rooms. We are experts in cleanroom relocation and semiconductor equipment moves, and provide services for many of the top semiconductor, MEMS, Solar and medical device manufacturers. Our highly trained cleanroom riggers are aware of the contamination, vibration and condensation issues associated with micro-fabrication (fab) cleanroom equipment moving. We have the specialized crate designs and equipment, including floating decks, air casters, poly dollies and Rol-A-Lift, to safely and securely handle sensitive and cleanroom machinery.

Customer Praise for MEI:

“… Each PVD install has gone well and they all started with a safe, timely move-in & assembly. I have had both PVD tool vendors comment to me on how much they appreciated the work that the MEI team performed.”

  • Trained Staff cleanroom riggers with Extensive Cleanroom & Semiconductor Equipment Experience
    Installation/Removal Services—Wet or Dry
  • Using Specialized Equipment—Skidding, Air Skates, Cleanroom Dollies & Rol-A -Lifts Genie Lifts
  • Vacuum Packing & Barrier Bag Capabilities Ensure Maximum Protection


Cleanroom moving rigging

Trained in Cleanroom Protocols

Cleanroom Pedestal prep

Barrier bag packaging

Barrier Bag Packaging

Cleanroom/Sensitive Environment Rigging, Moving & Installation

MEI Rigging and Crating’s teams are trained and experienced in all of the cleanroom specialized services and protocols including contamination, safety, ergonomics, tool/materials cleanliness and hazards/emergency procedures. We provide excellent protection of surrounding facilities during a move. Additional services for cleanroom equipment relocation include:

  • Custom pedestal installation
  • Seismic anchors (restraints) installation and removal
  • Raised metal floor fitting and installation services.

Semiconductor Equipment Packing & CratingVapor barrier packaging for sensitive equipment

Vacuum and Barrier Packaging

Optional vacuum packing is cleanroom compatible and reduces contamination. Barrier bag options ensure maximum protection from dust and moisture/humidity levels.

Crating of Semiconductor and Sensitive Equipment

MEI’s custom crates for semiconductor equipment are assembled on-site to protect your equipment. All crates are built using heat-treated lumber.  Options include desiccant, anti-static bubble wrap and stretch wrap, foam packing, and tilt and shock monitoring. We have prepared and crated entire fabs of more than 700 tools for domestic and overseas shipments.

We have prepared and crated entire cleanroom fabs of more than 700 tools for domestic and international shipments