Professional Industrial Moving Services

Sensitive Equipment Moving

MEI Rigging & Crating are experts at industrial moving.  We move entire factories, plants and related machinery, locally, nationally and internationally.  We will project manage your industrial move, and uninstall, crate, rig, transport and reinstall your production lines, factories, machine shop or medical unit.   MEI has the equipment, experience and personnel to handle your job. Utilizing our highly trained crews, we deliver high quality service every day, and are proud of our excellent reputation. We do what it takes to get your job done safely, on time and on budget. We also offer complete Factory Relocation services.

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Industrial Rigging

  • Presses
  • Lathes
  • Milling and industrial equipment
  • Packaging and production lines
  • Skidding
  • Moving
  • Shipping coordination

Factory Relocation, Rigging & Crating Examples

Extensive Experience in Industrial Moving- Experience for No Hassles, Less Stress

The experienced, professional riggers at MEI Rigging & Crating can:

  • Project manage an industrial move as complex as the Space Shuttle
  • Hoist a 20,000-pound CNC milling machine out of a hole in the roof
  • Coordinate  the relocation of an entire factory- deinstall, crate & pack, rig, transport and install on site
  • Move a delicate piece of cleanroom equipment across a fab, or across the world
  • Install a 38,000-pound pharmaceutical sterilizer
  • Helicopter a new HVAC unit on top of a high-rise building
  • Relocate an MRI scanner from a hospital to its new home in a satellite imaging center

Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Nationwide Industrial Moving Services

For the right job, MEI Rigging & Crating will go anywhere in America. We are positioned for quick, cost effective response from our five locations:

  • Arizona – serving all of Arizona from our base in Tempe.
  • Oregon – serving Portland and southwest Washington down to Ashland and Medford, including Eugene and from Newport to Bend from our base in Albany.
  • Texas – 3 locations serving Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, Houston and San Antonio and the rest of Texas, Louisian and New Mexico from our base in Plano Texas.
    Download our Texas Rigging and Crating Brochure
  • Utah – serving the greater Salt Lake City area from Ogden to Provo and Orem from our base in Langdon
    Download our Utah Rigging and Crating Brochure

Sensitive Equipment and Clean Room Moves

Over the past 20 years, MEI riggers have developed expertise in moving sensitive equipment in cleanroom environments. We have moved equipment in the semiconductor, photovoltaic, medical and nanotechnology industries. Our inventory of specialized equipment meets clean-room and sensitive equipment requirements. Our personnel are trained in clean room services and protocols, including safety, hazards, ergonomics, and tool and material cleanliness.

Total Industrial Moving Service Coordination

Rigging can be integrated with MEI’s end-to-end services, which includes removal, crating, shipping coordination, millwrighting, reassembly and installation. MEI has the experience and support services capable of providing a one-stop solution for coordinating your equipment moving needs, whether your project involves a local equipment move, or requires rigging, removal, crating, transportation, shipping, unpacking and re-installation. In addition to rigging, hoisting, moving and crating services, we provide air, land, and ocean freight coordination; consolidation, loading, and forwarding services; storage facilitation; export documentation and shipping; ordering, blocking, and bracing of ocean containers; Dangerous Goods Declarations for IATA, ICAO, IMDG, and US DOT.

Hospital Generator Installation: Crane Rigging

Rigging Hospital Generator Generator Preparation Crane Rigging Medical Crane Rigging Medical Generator Crane Lift Crane Lift Hospital Generator Installed Generator Installation

Uncompromising Customer Focus

Our stellar performance record, coupled with our professionalism, attention to detail and experience, brings our customers back again and again for all their rigging and moving needs. MEI is committed to certifying our riggers, ensuring that they have passed exams related to proper rigging inspection, safety, and procedures.

Industrial & Commercial Rigging

  • Presses, Lathes, Milling & Industrial Equipment
  • Packaging & Production Lines
  • Packing, Rigging, Skidding & Moving
  • Shipping Coordination