Earthquake Ready Facilities with Seismic Installation

MEI is an expert at Seismic installation and retrofit of equipment for facilities in Earthquake zones.  MEI provides solutions for manufacturing facilities with seismic requirements for machinery, computer related racking and peripheral equipment, specializing in clean room and semiconductor equipment anchoring. We  install and secure appropriate seismic anchors and earthquake restraints to production equipment.

  • Clean Room Installation and Procedures
  • Custom or Standard Brackets
  • Stainless Steel, Steel
  • Powder Coating or Paint
  • Installation Available
  • Epoxy or Wedge Anchors installed/removed
  • Code compliant seismic bracing installation, unistrut and all thread installation
  • Seismic removal meets all ICC standards

Our Anchoring Services:

  • Anchor holes drilled into the concrete floor to appropriate depth.
  • Dust and debris will be removed using a HEPA filter vacuum.
  • Anchors will be set and secured into place.
  • Anchor Connection: A threaded rod will be attached to the anchor via a coupler. The rod will run from the anchor, up through the raised floor and into the enclosures/furniture. Rods will be cut to length and any excess rod will be removed.
  • Clean Up: Any remaining dust and debris will be removed and area will be cleaned for final inspection.

Note: MEI does not fabricates seismic anchors all anchors must be provided by customer or subcontracted to be purchased thru other vendors. We have several vendors that specialize in custom or manufactured seismic and offer competitive prices - Seismic Anchoring & Clips