Expert  Design, Construction & Packing of Shipping Crates

Custom Wooden crates

Crated Flight Simulator ready to ship

Custom Packing & Shipping Crates

  • Expert Shipping Crate Design by our experienced Team
  • Construct Shipping Crates Using Heat Treated Lumber
  • Built for Storage or Shipment by Land, Ocean or Air
  • Meets ASTM & Industry Standards; ISPM 15 Certified for Export Shipping

Custom Shipping Crate and Production Wooden Shipping Crate Options:

  • Industrial, Commercial or Consumer Crating, Custom Shipping Crates and Wooden Production Crates
  • Reusable & Trade Show Crates with Ramp Options
  • Designed for Storage or Shipment
  • Pallets & Skids: 2- or 4-way Forklift Entry
  • Meets ASTM & Industry Standards
  • Option of US Government or Military Specifications Production Wood Crates

    Production Wood Crates

    Production Wood Crates

  • On Location or at an MEI Facility

Containerization:  Loading, Blocking & Bracing, Flatracks

Loading, Blocking and Bracing of Ocean Containers

Specializing in Large, Heavy or Difficult Jobs

  • We do the design for you. Experienced team, maximum protection
  • Cushioned Decks, Cushioned Bases, Floating Bases & Skidding for Crates
  • Secured Using Blocking, Banding or Bolting
  • Pallets & Heavy Duty Skids

Packaging & Barriers

Barrier bag packaging

Barrier Bag Packaging

  • Shrink, Stretch and wrap options
  • Vacuum Packing is Cleanroom Compatible
  • Barrier Bag & Desiccant Option Ensures Protection
  • Vacuum Sealing (MIL-C-131 class I, II & III) & Pro4000
  • Foam Cushioning, Tilt & Shock Monitoring Options
  • Anti-static Bubble Wrap & Stretch Wrap Options

End to End Service Coordination

We are committed to your successful move, and will sub-contract and coordinate the entire project, less stress, no hassles.

  • One shop for the entire move: disconnect, pack, crate, rig, ship, rig, uncrate, unpack and reconnect
  • Cost Effective Shipping Coordination.
  • Packing, Rigging, Shipping, Unpacking, Storage & Installation

Shipping Preparation—Domestic or International

Export Documents & Shipping All Over the World
Handling & Address Labels or Stenciling Available

Semiconductor Equipment Crating

Extensive Experience.  Packed, Crated and Moved more than three billion dollars of sensitive equipment in more than 10,000 crates in the past 5 years.

Custom Wooden Crating Applications:

Industrial Equipment Crates
Machinery Crating and packing