MEI has 20+ years of experience in crating fragile equipment. We have crated and moved more than a billion dollars worth of sensitive semiconductor and medical equipment, with an outstanding track record. Each crate is custom designed and built for the equipment to be contained, using Foam, cushion decks, vapor barrier packaging. You can trust MEI to crate your equipment right!

Floating Deck Crates and Cushioned Crates

Floating bases are used for additional protection of your extremely sensitive equipment. The floating base is designed to absorb the shock freight receives when being transported. We also provide Vapor Barrier and protective packing services.

Cushion Base Crates

Cushioned Deck Floating Deck Crate Applications:

High tech shipping that require a cushion ride for preventing product damage and specialty unloading

Foam Cushioned Crates:

We can cushion crate interiors with a wide range of foam sizes, densities and colors to protect from shock and vibration during shipping and transport. Options of Polyethylene Foam or Polyurethane foam for interior crate cushioning.


Your electronic equipment and medical equipment is securely mounted to skids, cushioned and crated for safe transport. Our custom crates are engineered to prevent abrasion, vibration, shock and moisture.

Our added hardware-handles, hinged lids and doors, latches, hasps and locks, foam lined interiors, partitions, drawers, ramps and casters-all combine to offer the best protection during shipping and transportation.