Industrial Wooden Crates

On Site or Off Site Crating

Custom Wood Crates

Custom Shipping Crates, Storage Crates & Reusable Wood Crates

MEI’s crating team custom designs and builds high quality custom shipping crates, and export shipping crates, protecting your product for one-time moves or repeated use. We crate and move industrial or commercial equipment, sensitive equipment, large displays, very heavy, large or challenging items, and much more. Large and heavy shipping crates. We prepare items and design & build a custom wooden crate – on location or at an MEI facility- for moving locally, nationally or internationally, by land, ocean or air. We use heat-treated lumber and our crates meet or exceed ASTM and industry standards, and can adhere to US Government or Military Specifications as needed.

wooden trade show crates

Hinges, Latches, Handles, Wheels

Custom Wooden Shipping Crate Options:

Custom Wooden Crates 1 Crating a 60 ft Telescope for Export custom woodend crates 2 Dissasembled into Parts up to 63,000 lbs custom wooden crates 3 and heavy duty crates of up to 2,160 Cubic Feet

Specializing in Large, Heavy or Difficult Crating Jobs

  • Unique Shipping Crate Designs by our Experienced Team, Better protection
  • Large, Heavy or Challenging Jobs
  • Cushioned Decks, Cushioned Bases, Floating Bases & Skidding
  • Secured Using Blocking, Banding or Bolting
  • Pallets & Heavy Duty Skids
  • Blocking and Bracing of Ocean Containers

Custom Wood Crate Applications:

Oil tool wooden crates

Extra Long Oil Tool Wooden Crates

  • Machinery crates
  • Electronic Equipment crating
  • Industrial Equipment crates
  • Medical Equipment crating
  • Crating Flight Simulators
  • Crates for LCD TV’s
  • Trade Show Crates
  • Artwork and Valuables Crating
  • Motorcyles and Scooters Crates
  • Astronomy Equipment, Telescopes
  • Crates for Oil Field and Down Hole Tools
  • Offshore Platform Crating
  • Prototype Crates

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Our highly trained crews will coordinate packing, crating, shipping, unpacking and storage of equipment, products or tools.